5 Ways to Make Building New a Breeze

For those looking to build a home for the first time, it can be hard to know where to start and how to bring your dream home to life, at your dream address.

We sat down with Gainsborough Greens Sales Consultant Eileen Merriman to find out her insider tips on ensuring a smooth building experience.

Get to the finance nitty-gritty

Eileen says the first step to building new is finding out what finance you have available.

“It’s important to do your homework to ensure you know exactly how much you can - and how much you should - borrow,” she says.

"Tracking your spending can give great insight into your borrowing capabilities.

“It’s important to factor in all the elements of building new when outlining your budget, so you don’t get surprised by added costs later down the track.

“Include the cost of your block, the estimated site costs, your house build, as well as considerations like landscaping, fencing and any design guidelines.”

Location, location, location

Eileen is a firm believer in choosing your block first, before falling in love with a specific house design.

“The most important part of building your dream house is finding where you really want to live, where you really want to call home,” says Eileen.

“The house design should be secondary to that, as there are so many different designs and options when it comes to building, you will always find something that works.

“Allow flexibility in your home choice so you can really pick a block that’s perfect for you and your budget.”

Find your perfect builder match

It makes sense to compare apples with apples, so Eileen advises to get similar quotes from a few different builders so you’re aware of any deals or offers that may be available to you.

“Another good idea is to ask your builder ‘what am I not getting’?” suggests Eileen.

“What does handover day look like? Will you have a driveway, your utilities connected – will you have a letterbox? These questions will help you decide which builder is right for you and your budget.”

“We work closely with a number of local builders and they know the Gainsborough Greens guidelines inside and out, meaning you know your plans will be approved before you start,” she says.

Get your design guidelines covered

At Gainsborough Greens design guidelines apply, which act as a guide to how homes within that area can be built.

Eileen says Gainsborough Greens point of difference to nearby communities is its focus on quality homes, which is why all residents (and their builders) are given Residential Design Guidelines.

“These guidelines help buyers to add value to their home and protect their property investment by ensuring a harmonious streetscape for the neighbourhood,” says Eileen.

“So I’d recommend taking the guidelines to your chosen builder to make sure your final quote is for a home that is compliant with the Gainsborough Greens standards.”

Your personal cheer squad

“We are here to guide you and help you in this process as much as possible,” says Eileen of the Gainsborough Greens sales team.

“We really want to know your story, we want to know you, so then we can truly understand your needs and wants and turn your dream home into a reality.”

Chat to Eileen and the rest of the Gainsborough Greens team at our Sales Centre at 8 Swan Road, Pimpama.

We’re open between 10am and 5pm daily, or simply give us a call with any questions on 07 5549 2322.